How we are growing industrial research and product innovation in engineering colleges


Plumule Research LLP is a Kolkata based MSME organization growing industrial research and innovation in engineering institutions by grooming student entrepreneurs to develop industry aligned platforms and products. Our vision is to give every student a dream job and every industry a dream student. By introducing the students to real world industry problems, collaborative thinking and scientific engineering of solutions, we prepare them to be more productive in a rapidly changing digital world and infuse design thinking and breakthrough innovations at work.

We build and run industrial research centres and smart simulation labs in schools and colleges in India. We work with the students, the teachers and the industry in one common forum to deliver breakthrough innovation in engineering autonomous systems.

Our uniqueness lies in how we make research simple and accessible to all. Every student is assigned a research topic to solve in a group. He/she is immersed in an environment where he /she is empowered to think free of the shackles of conventional processes and collaborate with other research associates. As an independent research organization conceived with the aim to bridge Industry and Academia to leapfrog into the realm of Industry 4.0/5.0 through Technology Centres of Excellence (CoE), we define and execute the research projects collaboratively with both the industry and the academy.

Our transformation roadmap is pivoted on three core themes that are correlated and complementary:

a) Evolve the student with Industrial readiness

Industry alignment in high school and undergraduate courses

Execution of cross-discipline programs and projects

b) Evolve the industry with a student mindset

Ideation and hackathons in academia on industry problems and kaizen

Transform from automation to autonomous operations in a cost-effective manner

Build excellence in Change Management through long thinking on adoption challenges

c) Make research and innovation mainstream

Build practical, social, analytical and creative intelligence in student community (Edward Thorndike, Robert Sternberg)

Employ best in class standards and frameworks like the Design Thinking – Jobs to be done & Business model canvas, the Industrie 4.0 reference architecture and the NIST Risk Management / Cyber Security frameworks

Radically transform employability through technology leadership, industrial design thinking, and product innovation in a 30 day-60 day- 90 day cycle with upstream and downstream value chain integration, thereby empowering students to be creative and think out of the box as they move into new jobs

Our first product venture with engineering students is to build a digital home rehabilitation system that provides a personal, holistic healthcare support for geriatric patients with neurological disorders especially dementia and eases the plight of the caregivers. The students are empowered to select the right technology for delivering in the leanest way and shortest time. The outcome is growing whole brain thinking in millennials that the organizations can benefit from in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and innovation.

In the long term, a combination of technology growth strategy and chronic industry pain points will seed the innovation at Plumule Research. We will generate the minimum viable solution to address real world challenges and evangalize the NextGen mindshare to build ubiquitous autonomous industrial systems indigenously.

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