Financial Technology

We collaborate with SMEs from Finance Industry and design solutions in mobile banking, automised learning, structured project finance, smart contracts & tokenzation.


We are building smart quality solutions to predict nd prevent defects in medical device manufacturing.


Our Smart Quality as a Service predicts defects in injection moulding with zero defect misclassification. We build and run smart labs for industrial design thinking smart manufacturing pilots to onboard customers on a digitaltransformation journey.


We also provide one-on-one legal services for startups, helping them with issues such as incorporation, patent filings, GSTIN registration.


Plumule means the new shoot. Plumule Research thrives to grow a research mindset, breakthrough
innovation and critical thinking / long thinking capabilities for all our partners

We deliver industrial research pilots and project in digital technologies namely IoT, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics, Augmented Reality, Blockchain & Cybersecurity

You can write to us at or you can submit your request via our Contact
Us section. You will become a part and parcel of the community and engage either as a on the job
learner, a contributor to or as a customer of our platforms, products & services

All students, teachers, professors and industry SME, seeking a mechanism to either upskill or
participate in the tremendous innovation that is taking place today